The Hoodie Zipper

The next step is to apply your zipper.  If you need to shorten your zipper, there are video tutorials in the Resource Library.  Follow the steps in your guide sheet and in the videos below to apply your zipper. 

  1. Fuse 1” sheer knit fusible interfacing to hoodie center front seam allowance to hem band (no need to fuse on to hem band)
  2. Place zipper right side up on top of hoodie to see placement.  Shorten if needed.  Follow the tutorials in the Resource Library.
  3. Separate zipper.
  4. Place one side of zipper face down on one seam allowance of hoodie, placing the teeth slightly over the ⅝” stitching line.  If your zipper is ⅝” wide, match up raw edge and zipper tape edge.  Pin, baste or tape in place.
  5. Using a zipper foot, sew zipper down the middle of the tape to the hoodie