Once your sleeves are sewn, you are ready to sew on your cuffs.  You will learn how to stretch your cuff to fit your sleeves as the cuffs are cut smaller than the sleeves to fit your wrists.

  1. With right sides together, stitch ends of cuff together, ⅝” seam allowance, straight or wobble stitch
  2. Trim seam allowance to ¼” and press open
  3. Fold cuff in half, wrong sides together
  4. Mark quarter points of cuff and sleeve
  5. Place cuff over end of sleeve, right sides together, pinning at seam, notch and quarter points.
  6. Place in machine with sleeve against feed dogs and cuff under presser foot.  With wobble or stretch stitch, stitch together ⅝” seam.  Pull cuff to match sleeve circumference ¼ of the cuff at a time.  Keep needle in fabric each time you adjust the cuff.
  7. Stitch again ¼” & trim or 3 thread overlock

Hem Band

Before you apply the zipper, you will need to sew the hem band on to the bottom of the hoodie.  It is similar to the cuffs in that it is shorter than the bottom of your hoodie.  Follow the steps and videos below to learn how.  Make sure you have your guide sheet nearby so you can follow along.

  1. Fold hem band lengthwise, wrong sides together.
  2. Find center and midpoints between squares & mark.
  3. Find midpoints between ends and seams on hoodie.
  4. Pin hem band, right sides together, to hoodie, matching ends, seams to squares and midpoints.
  5. Stitch ⅝” with wobble or stretch stitch with hoodie against feed dogs.  Pull band to match hoodie, keeping needle in fabric while adjusting
  6. Stitch again ¼” away & trim or finish with preferred seam treatment.
  7. Press seam allowance up toward hoodie.